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Smooth Communication (II)

What could go wrong?

Their English is so good... but:

Yes, some of my partners speak English quite well and we often chat about general details, such as delivery times, in English.

But once we start talking about your specifics like these:
  • special properties such as UV or flame retardant, or compliance to a standard;
  • you need a sand blasted finish or other special finish;
  • key features of your product that effects manufacturing;
  • your English on your drawings/specs is not the most standard;
  • perhaps your material needs special processing;

... you'll need me to translate for you.

That's right, my partners are all very capable of the above, but details like these often get missed without me. Now you know why they enjoy working with me... things don't go wrong. Absolutely all of my partners discuss the finer points of each project with me in Chinese, every time.

It is this reason above all others, my clients are most satisfied with our service. No one can match our expertise or experience in this field. I guarantee it.