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Material Selection

So, you need your products to be made of ???

As you may know, the factories in Asia are very specialised. I.e., they make their own products very well, but have no idea about other processes.


Let's say you want to make a product with a rubber. Sounds so easy... right?

Actually, no. You could have compression moulded rubber parts... or you could have injected for a better finish... or perhaps extruded would offer better value for money... or you could have TPR offering great value for really high volumes... or you could have foam rubber... or how about TPV?

Makes your head spin, doesn't it? Once again, Dershr is your best choice.


We are partnered with factories that are masters of different processes and with our experience, so we can find the optimal process for your product. There's no such thing as usually or normally... Every case is unique.

That's why you need someone to evaluate the production process objectively for you... from your point of view... not from the factory's. That's us: Dershr.