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Product Designimproving design

You have your product, and you may only have a sketch... However, we can bring your product to life with our Engineering department.

Your first step is to make accurate 3D models. You could have your local draughtsmen make these for you, but you'd be better working with Dershr Engineering. Here's why:

A recent Dershr Project

We were asked to re-design a part for a major multi-national [you know them very well, and you admire their products].

Our re-designed parts are:

  • lighter [less material = cheaper]
  • stronger
  • no shrinkage/deformations
  • look better
  • fit together properly
  • removed ugly flow-melt lines within the plastic
  • our re-design ease assembly of the product, adding efficiency to our client's process
  • lengthen the life of the tooling
  • re-design time was much faster than their own in-house engineers

That's very impressive for just one case, and also for such a prestigious client.

If we can help such large companies so well, we can help you too.