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Rubber & Silicone Moulding

Rubber and silicone products are made by three processes:

Compression:  is the “standard” manufacturing process providing great value for money. Our large-bed 1,000T compression machines are capable of making mats of over 1 square meter.
500 ton rubber injection machineInjection:  is ideal for more complex shapes, or for higher quality products. E.g. rubber moulded handle grips are much better than ones made with TPR/TPE.
Extrusion:  is suitable for long shapes like tubing and seals for doors/windows. Extrusion moulded products could provide great savings when ordered in very high volumes.

Common materials used

  • Natural rubber
  • NBR
  • SBR
  • EPDM
  • Silicone

Which material? Send us an email with the full details of your project, and we'll offer you your optimal solution.