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Quality Assurance (II)

Some clients require certification and/or they need their products to meet certain standards: such as UL, CE, NSF, ASTM etc.. Just give us a standard and we'll meet it for you. If we can't, we'll tell you promptly... saving you valuable time.

Once the raw materials have been selected, even before meeting the production line, technicians have already ensured that the raw materials and components are as you need them to be.

One buyer's comment on my QA system:

“This is a first article inspection report and looks good. We do not need any other report. I also like your inspection plan; this way you are on top of all possible issues.”

ISO 9001:2000

All partners, except one, are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

ISO 9001 cert - CLISO 9001 cert - KS