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Best Quality Painting

Another example of when a client may be worried about our quality is: finishing.

Once again, they can be rest assured that our our finishing, like the powder painting below, is better than some of our Western competitors...


Painted aluminiumPainted aluminiumPainted aluminium
Painted aluminiumPainted aluminiumPainted aluminium
Your parts perform well and fit better. Now you need them to look great. Dershr can also manage this for you.
The two parts above were:
  • die-cast at the same time
  • used exactly the same paint
Yes, ours looks much, much better. We also passed the scratch tests better than the US part did, too.
* Client's part on the left was an American effort to paint our Aluminium castings. After they failed several times, we painted the parts ourselves -- with their paint. The results speak for themselves.