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Our Mission Statement

Dershr's mission is quite simple:

Our clients' needs are first. By putting our clients first, they will keep coming back foryears and years... that's our mission.

Why do our clients keep coming back?

We provide them with the services that they need to help them source the components and/or productsthat they need at competitive prices. We undertake all projects with the future in mind... i.e. we want your firstorder to be the first of many, and for many years to come.

How does Dershr achieve this?

Dershr works very closely with its manufacturing partners so that they work harder for our clients. However,we also work independently enough so that we can make objective decisions to find out the most appropriate manufacturingmethods/processes that suit our clients' needs.

Only Dershr is in this unique position: we can find the most suitable products and processes that match your needs and requirements- objectively.