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Engineering Designimproving design

Who needs our engineering design services?

  • Companies with their own in-house design team
  • Companies that need outside expert support

The advantage of working with Dershr engineering design is: Dershr works directly with the tooling makers at design time so that our designs/products are ready for manufacturing.

Over the years, we've found that although our large clients often have their own talented in-house designers, these designers don't have enough experience with tool making. As a result, their drawings/products usually need modifying to fit the manufacturing process and then approval of these modifications could take weeks. It's needless to say that designing your products with us could save weeks from your lead time.

Working with independent design engineers could be even more costly. They'll give you your perfect design, without any thought for the manufacturing process.

We've seen all too often, parts that aren't suitable for manufacturing that cause you to spend far more on tooling and/or your products wouldn't perform as well as you'd like.

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