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Benefits with Dershr

Asian partner

Just like your competitors, you know that you need to keep costs down, and finding an Asian partner is essential for you, if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

But, this is easier said than done...

It's better with Dershr

Having Dershr as your partner is like having someone working for you right here in Taiwan and China.

Yes, we'll represent you at the production meetings so your products won't be forgotten about, and/or key details over-looked. Nothing can beat face-to-face representation.

We'll also be watching over every step of the manufacturing process, so we'll be able to nip potential problems in the bud. How much time and money will that save you?

We only work with the CEO's directly, not with the young clerks that can only type English.

Win - Win

My partner factories and clients alike all benefit from working with us:

Factories: to be honest, they struggle with all the material specs and all of the fine details of your products. In fact, they can misunderstand many key points. This is where we are invaluable to you: we tell the CEO's directly, clearly and in their own language, precisely what your needs are.
Clients: they all find it very reassuring to have us working close with the factories on their behalf, and yet, we are independent enough to ensure that our clients always get the best deal and solutions for them. [Not just what the factory is able to supply.]

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